Wrap up + Haul + TBR: March 2017

March is officially the busiest month of 2017. A lot has happened this month. I didn’t have time to post or to read at all because all of my free time were fully booked. This also explains the lack of post for the first three weeks of this month. I didn’t really have the time to just sit around, grab a book, read or write.

What I Posted

lost-girl-review everything-everything-review
15-books-to-read-in-april t5w-future-classics
Review: Lost Girl by Chanda Hahn. To fans of retellings, Lost Girl should be the next read for you.
Review: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I should have skipped the book and waited for the movie instead.
15 Books to Read in April. The Upside of Unrequited is my top anticipated release this coming April.
Future Classics. Harry Potter series is my top pick as expected – just like everyone else.

What I Read

naughty boss
Naughty Boss
by Whitney G.
Steamy Coffee Collection series #1
Naughty Boss. The only book I finished this month. The funny thing is, it’s only a novella and just another two star read for me.

What I’m Currently Reading

by your side #famous memories
By Your Side
by Kasie West
by Jilly Gagnon
by Lang Leav
By Your Side. It’s taking me a really long time to get into this book. I just don’t find the characters interesting enough. They seem a little boring and unoriginal.
#famous. I don’t know with this book. But I do plan to finish this book right after I finish writing this post. Yes, this is not a scheduled post.
Memories. This is me trying to mess with poetry. I know. Me?! Well, Lang Leav is pretty famous and I’m curious of her works. Not to mention the cover designs on her books are really pretty and regal. But I just borrowed this one from a friend.

What I Added on My Shelf

text 2 lovers rebels like us any boy but you cowrecker no bad days
Text 2 Lovers
by K. Webster, J.D. Hollyfield
2 Lovers series #1
Rebels Like Us
by Liz Reinhardt
Any Boy But You
by Julie Hammerle
North Pole, Minnesota series #1
by Meghan Quinn
No Bad Days
by J. Sterling
The Fisher Brothers series #1
Text 2 Lovers. This seems like something I could really relate to. Don’t judge me, grandma but I’m a millennial.
Rebels Like Us. POC. Mixed races. Big city girl moving to small Southern town. Yes! Chances that I would dig this one is pretty high.
Any Boy But You. Another anonymous chatting. You’ve Got Mail. Yes, yes, yes! Is this even a trope or something? Because seriously, this is my thing – like big time.
Co-Wrecker. A lot of positive reviews on this one. Great. But look at the man on the cover though? I usually hate them shirtless men on my book covers but I’m giving an exception on this one. I wonder if his abs are real though, they seem perfectly photoshopped.
No Bad Days. It seems interesting enough. I’d probably just read this when I’m done reading my top TBR books.
the education of margot sanchez romeo & what's her name
The Education of Margot Sanchez
by Lilliam Rivera
Romeo and What’s Her Name
by Shani Petroff
The Education of Margot Sanchez. I try to read more POC books lately.
Romeo and What’s Her Name. My friend recommended this one.

What I Must Read in April

a list of cages the-bone-witch youre-welcome-universe the-inexplicable-logic-of-my-life 10 things i can see from here
A List of Cages
by Robin Roe
The Bone Witch
by Rin Chupeco
The Bone Witch series #1
You’re Welcome, Universe
by Whitney Gardner
The Inexplicable Logic of My Life
by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
10 Things I Can See from Here
by Carrie Mac
A List of Cages. The hype. The 5 star reviews.
The Bone Witch. I’m not into fantasy reads lately but I do want to show some support to Filipino writers.
You’re Welcome, Universe. I love the cover so much!
The Inexplicable Logic of My Life. A must read by default.
10 Things I Can See from Here. This one talks about anxiety and I’m down for that.


  1. Great wrap-up Syc! I’m currently reading The Bone Witch AND The Inexplicable Logic of my Life. I have mixed feelings about both at the moment, but I hope I’ll get my thoughts sorted out when I finish it.
    I hope you have a lovely April. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can totally understand the mixed feelings for The Bone Witch. I mean from what I’ve read in some reviews. But for The Inexplicable Logic of my Life too? Now, I wonder why. I would have to wait for your review. 🙂
      Have a great April too! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like Kasie Wests books but By your side turned out to be a boring read. I’m looking forward to read co-wreckers this month. I wanted to read Rebels like Us but the mixed reviews on this book has made me put this on hold. I haven’t read any k. websters books but i really want to.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m eager to know what you think about #famous, I added it to my TBR because it sounded quite good. I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂
    Also, I read and LOVED A List of Cages, I can’t WAIT for you to read that one and hope you will love it. I want to read You’re Welcome Universe just as well 🙂
    I hope you’ll have a lovely month! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m halfway through it but ugh, I got distracted with By Your Side and How to be a Bawse haha! I promise to finish it this week. I’m already 5 books behind my reading challenge so I need to read more (and faster) before things get busy in uni. 😦
      I checked in your blog. You haven’t posted a review on A List of Cages. Are you planning to? Just asking lol. 😀
      Have a lovely April too, Marie! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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