My Bookish Pet Peeves

I just came up with some of the most annoying af bookish pet peeves.

#1. The ‘Now a Major Motion Picture’ line and movie-tie in covers

I get the reason why publishers do this *coughs cash, sales, promos* but gosh, S-T-O-P! Let’s admit it. Some actors look *insert compliment here* but damn I don’t want them on my book cover. Those actors don’t even look like the exact characters in the book anyways. So why change covers when it ain’t broke? Let the films use their own movie posters with their own actors plastered on it.

#2. Too many books in a series

Dear authors and publishers, you really want me broke, don’t you? First, you would say that the series would be just a trilogy then next, you would announce that three more books would follow. Then again, you would release prequels or more novellas – like what? Why drag the whole story anyways? Money hungry much (okay, that’s plain mean of me but…)?

#3. Flashbacks! Flashbacks! Flashbacks!

Flashbacks can be annoying when every single chapter starts with it. It makes me want to scream ‘Move on!’ to the character because living too much in the past is not healthy mentally and physically. And I don’t need the author reminding me every second while I’m reading that the character suffers from some constant depression or anxiety. Learn from Edna Mode, my dear.

#4. Male best friend AKA the nerd – and all other stereotypes

I’m getting tired of authors making the best friend the nerd who’s in love with the female main character or the guy playing the funny, cheery best friend. I’m done with the black-haired 6-foot tall hottie who acts like as stalker and rich, captain of the football team who’s a total jerk – okay, maybe not that one.

#5. Mid-series cover design changes

Again, I feel sorry for my Instagram bibliophiles. Nothing is more annoying than series with different cover designs and sizes. #OCProblems

#6. Dense female characters

You know those characters who think they’re so ordinary-looking when in fact, they’re the exact opposite. They listen to some indie band and wear their hoodies hood up and yet every single guy in the whole school asks them to be their prom date. What does that tell me – these characters are complete, dense girls. A quick advice: buy a mirror and try staring at your own reflection for once because seriously, I’m not buying your act.

#7. Mistake after mistake

I hate when a character keeps on making the wrong choices or doing the wrong things. For once, learn from your mistakes. Show me some redeeming qualities. Make your presence bearable for me.

#8. Female population shamers

To any female character who believes that she has earned the right to judge other girls who date cute boys, who own heels, who cover their face with make-ups, who wear dresses (and the list goes on), STAHPPP! No, you’re not some cool chick. You are just one judgmental bitch. Seriously, you should stop listening to Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me’.

How about you? Do you have any bookish pet peeves?